What is a Freelance Administrative Professional?

When you don’t have time to do EVERYTHING!

When you need professional results from part-time help.

When your creativity doesn’t include ‘sitting behind the computer’!

When you just need someone to ‘make it look good’!

When you aren’t comfortable ‘doing it yourself’.


Have you ever tried to add just one or two sentences to a document, and the whole file rearranged? Then you spent the next two hours just trying to ‘fix’ what went wrong! Do you need professional sales presentations or reports? Are you unorganized? Do you need help with scheduling or calling clients?

What if you could just tell someone what you wanted added or changed, and in less than 30 minutes it was done and looked great? All the while, you were able to keep focusing on your own important tasks. What if you could just call someone and tell them when you were giving your next presentation, and trust that you would have tailored professional material ready to go?

What if you didn’t have to commit to even a part-time employee and could avoid paying employment costs, benefits, taxes, etc…? What if you didn’t have to buy any equipment or give up any office space and could guarantee greater productivity and professionalism?

Sound appealing? You should consider a Freelance Administrative Professional! Within the industry, these entrepreneurs are known as ‘Virtual Assistants’ or ‘Virtual Consultants’.

Yes, these freelance ‘gig’ seekers are entrepreneurs! They are here to help you improve your productivity and share their expertise!

Why hire a temporary employee or commit to a part-time administrative assistant, when you can get the benefit of a knowledgeable professional that truly has your best interest in mind? When you succeed, they succeed! They are business owners in the same way that you are, so they understand your needs better then the average employee. And the best part is that you only pay them when you need them!

So, you may be wondering where the ‘Virtual’ part comes in… In addition to avoiding the complication of employment costs, Virtual Consultants also have the ability to complete their tasks without taking up your precious office space and resources! They have implemented such tools as Phone, Fax, E-mail, and even Online ‘Workspaces’ that allow them to be an integral part of your team without ever stepping foot in your office or using your stapler.

In this economy, saving money has become a necessity, yet sacrificing quality can be detrimental! This makes the partnership between ‘freelancers’ or ‘consultants’ and businesses a growing trend full of benefits!

Do you have questions or comments? Can you think of ways that you could utilize a Freelance Administrative Professional?

I hope this was helpful and look forward to hearing from you!


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