Control Keys Continued

As a follow-up to my earlier post ‘ABCs of Control Keys’, here are some additional commands that can be performed quickly and easily using the control key in Microsoft Word. 

Control Key

The Control Key is Found on the Bottom Left of your Key Board


Control + ] = Larger Text
Control + [ = Smaller Text
Control + = = Subscript
Control + * = Hidden Characters
Control + Enter = Page Break
Control + 0 = Add 12pt before a Paragraph
Control + 1 = Single Spacing
Control + 2 = Double Spacing
Control + 5 = 1.5 Spacing
Control + Delete = Delete Entire Word
Control + Home = Navigate to the top of a Document
Control + End = Navigate to the end of a Document 

Need more tips & tricks? Please contact us for a personalized tutorial! 


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