Accounting Options

Accounting software helps business owners easily navigate all aspects of accounts payable and receivable, from payments and invoicing to tax data and quarterly statements. Downloadable programs are still available, but now online options – which store your data on the internet rather than your computer – allow you to access your business accounting from anywhere in the world, at very reasonable prices.

Easier than tracking paper ledgers, printing and mailing invoices, staff can email invoices directly from the programs themselves. You can produce myriad reports from these programs, providing an overview of your business at your fingertips. Accounting software can save time and money, paying for itself within just a few weeks. Best of all, if you use an online tool, there is no concern about equipment failure and loss of data.

Some Accounting Software options are:

Quickbooks Online

Visit the Office Solutions ME Business Resource Library page for more useful links to save your business time and money. And as always, if you require more information or need help, consider Virtual Assistance!


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