App of the Month – Meetup

Our application of the month this month is Meetup.

MeetUpMeetup – the Meetup application allows you to access on the go. Meetup is a site that helps people coordinate meetings, both business and/or personal. Meetup allows you to search for local meetings that may be happening in your area and join other individuals that have similar interests. It also allows you to share and comment on meetings. Meetup is great for those event organizers and/or people who have moved and want to mingle.

Cost: FREE

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App of the Month – Drop Box

Our Application of the Month is Drop Box.Drop Box

Drop Box – The Drop Box application allows you to easily and efficiently share files on multiple computers, mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets), and via a web-based system. When files are added to Drop Box, they become instantly available in all locations where the app has been downloaded, and via the Drop Box website. Files can also be shared with others, even if they do not have a Drop Box account. This is a great tool for efficiency, collaboration, and productivity! Perfect for virtual professionals!

Cost: Free

For more information on Drop Box, feel free to contact Office Solutions ME!

App of the Month – Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation AppOur Application of the Month is Dragon Dictation.

Dragon Dictation – The Dragon Dictation application is a great tool for recording notes and transferring them to text. This text can then be sent directly via e-mail, text message, to Facebook, Twitter, or just copied for general use. The dictated text can be easily corrected and added to by additional dictation or typing.
This is a great tool for those who like to brainstorm while driving!

Cost: Free

App of Month – WordPress

Here is our Smart Phone Application of Month for August:

WordPress iPhone ApplicationWordPress – The WordPress application allows you to manage multiple blogs from your smart phone! This application let’s your write, edit, add pictures, view comments, publish, and more from virtually anywhere. Plus, any changes made via the application are also saved on the traditional site.

Cost: Free

App of Month – TweetDeck

Our Smart Phone Application review for the Month of July:TweetDeck iPhone App

TweetDeck – TweetDeck is a social media application for Twitter

Why we like TweetDeck ?

  1. It allows the user to update and manage multiple social media sites and profiles simultaneously.
  2. It allows the user to arrange information from different profiles, topics, and sources into easily viewed columns.
  3. It makes it easy to add pictures and videos to your social media sites.
  4. It makes it easy to ReTweet or Reply in Twitter, follow, and also monitor what’s said about or to you or your business.
  5. It notifies us of how many new messages we have in column.

What’s it missing?

  1. The ability to delay posts.
  2. The ability to view (retweet, reply, etc…) to posts that are not in a column (i.e. when viewing someones profile)

Cost: Free

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