Keyword Tools

In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keywords are pretty important. Keywords are the individual words and terms that your potential customers will use when trying to search for you online. As a business owner it’s important to know how your customers are finding you and make it as easy as possible. The better your position in search engine results, the better chance you have of being found. Determining your keywords and then using them as frequently as (naturally) possible will only help!

So here are a few tools to help get you started;

Google Keyword Tool
Keyword Envy

Please feel free to share your experiences and any other tools that you have found useful.

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Navigating Excel

The cells found in Excel, or any spreadsheet program, are very similar to a table in Word. You can add text or formulas to these cells, and you can manipulate their appearance as needed.

In order to effectively use a spreadsheet, you must be able to access the information and navigate through the cells.

Here are a few basics of spreadsheet cell and page navigation;

Basic Cell Navigation

Action Key Stroke option 1 or Key Stroke option 2
Right One Cell Tab or Right Arrow
Left One Cell Shift + Tab or Left Arrow
Down One Cell Enter or Down Arrow
Up One Cell Shift + Enter or Up Arrow

 Basic Page Navigation

Action Key Stroke
Beginning of the Worksheet Ctrl + Home (I use this a lot)
End of the Worksheet Ctrl + End (I use this a lot) 
Beginning of the Row Home or Ctrl + Left Arrow
End of the Row Ctrl + Right Arrow
Beginning of the Column Ctrl + Up Arrow
End of the Column Ctrl + Down Arrow

In addition to using key strokes to navigate through Excel, you can also use your mouse to move to or select individual cells and groups of cells.

Single clicking on a cell, selects the cell, creating a thick black boarder around the cell it’s self.

Select Cell

Double clicking a cell, causes the cell to go into ‘Edit Mode’, inserting an I beam in the cell and allowing for typing directly in the cell.

Edit Cell

Another way to navigate to a cell is by using the ‘Name Box’. This is located directly above the Column ‘A’ Heading, and it tells you the name of the cell that you currently have selected.

Name Box

Selecting multiple cells

Action Mouse Mouse & Key Stroke Name Box
Adjacent Cells Click in the 1st Cell and Drag to the last Cell Select 1st Cell,
Hold CTRL Key,
Select last Cell
Type Range in the Name Box separated by a Semi colon
Non Adjacent Cells N/A Select 1st Cell,
Hold SHIFT Key,
Select next Cell
Type Range, or specific cell, in the name box separated by a Comma
Entire Row Click on the Row Heading (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc…) Click in the cell at the beginning of the Row
Hold CTRL + SHIFT + Right Arrow
Entire Column Click on the Column Heading (i.e. A, B, C, etc…) Click in the cell at the beginning of the Column
Hold CTRL + SHIFT + Down Arrow

Also keep in mind that each Workbook can have multiple Worksheets. These sheets are shown as ‘Tabs’ at the bottom of your Worksheet. These ‘Tabs’ are only visible if your Workbook is maximized (small Center button in the top right of your screen, to the left of the close button).

Hopefully this information was beneficial to you. If you need more guidance with Excel Spreadsheets, please contact Office Solutions ME!

5 Qualities to look for in a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an offsite administrative and business professional that can be contracted to assist you and your business needs. Some of the qualities that a business owner or manager should look for in a VA include;

  1. References – like any competent professional, a VA should come with quality references that can speak of the type of work they have completed and how satisfied the client was
  2. Examples of Work – while some work may be confidential, any competent VA should have examples of projects the they have completed or assisted with
  3. Education – if a VA does not have an official degree, the VA industry has many options available for certifications
  4. Contract – a relationship with a VA is a professional contract and should be treated as such. A VA should draft a contract that outlines the scope of work and payment that are to be expected by both parties
  5. Follow-up – as in any business contract, a VA should have good communication skills and keep their clients informed of progress

The concept of Virtual Assisting is very new to the state of Maine, but it is an idea that could be extremely beneficial to the business community.

Maine is a state full of innovative entrepreneurs that are great at what they do. Many of these companies are owned and operated by a handful of individuals that specialize in the field that they operate. A VA can offer administrative and business expertise as a contracted partner, allowing the company to maximize its resources. A VA also allows the company to avoid expensive, time consuming employment expenses that are generally associated with hiring additional employees.

For more information on Virtual Assistants and to review the education and qualifications of Office Solutions ME, feel free to visit our website and learn more!

App of the Month – Meetup

Our application of the month this month is Meetup.

MeetUpMeetup – the Meetup application allows you to access on the go. Meetup is a site that helps people coordinate meetings, both business and/or personal. Meetup allows you to search for local meetings that may be happening in your area and join other individuals that have similar interests. It also allows you to share and comment on meetings. Meetup is great for those event organizers and/or people who have moved and want to mingle.

Cost: FREE

For more information on Meetup, feel free to contact Office Solutions ME!

5 Best Features of LinkedIn

LinkedInLinkedIn is designed for business networking and sharing. This makes LinkedIn a very different type of Social Media platform from sites like Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn allows professionals to connect and interact on a professional level.

Some of the best features of LinkedIn include;

  1. Resume – LinkedIn is a great way to show off your experience and education! Not to mention any awards you may have received or associations that you may belong to.
  2. Recommendations – LinkedIn allows people to post public recommendations for you and your services. These recommendations are specific to a company or position and can be of great value to your profile.
  3. Groups – LinkedIn groups are a great way to associate you with others in your field or geographic area. Groups are also a great source of information and networking.
  4. Events – Linked In allows you to publicize events to your network and collect RSVPs. It also allows you to search for local events and events that others may be attending.
  5. Links – LinkedIn allows you to publicize links to websites and twitter accounts at the top of your profile. In addition, LinkedIn has applications that allow you to link to other sites, such as word press, drop box, Slide Share, and more.

For tips and suggestions on how to best use and establish a LinkedIn profile, contact Office Solutions ME for a personalized consultation and tutorial.

Also feel free to view my LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn profile of Kathrine Farris

App of the Month – Drop Box

Our Application of the Month is Drop Box.Drop Box

Drop Box – The Drop Box application allows you to easily and efficiently share files on multiple computers, mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets), and via a web-based system. When files are added to Drop Box, they become instantly available in all locations where the app has been downloaded, and via the Drop Box website. Files can also be shared with others, even if they do not have a Drop Box account. This is a great tool for efficiency, collaboration, and productivity! Perfect for virtual professionals!

Cost: Free

For more information on Drop Box, feel free to contact Office Solutions ME!

App of the Month – Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation AppOur Application of the Month is Dragon Dictation.

Dragon Dictation – The Dragon Dictation application is a great tool for recording notes and transferring them to text. This text can then be sent directly via e-mail, text message, to Facebook, Twitter, or just copied for general use. The dictated text can be easily corrected and added to by additional dictation or typing.
This is a great tool for those who like to brainstorm while driving!

Cost: Free