ABCs of Control Keys

If you want to increase your efficiency when using Microsoft Word (or any Microsoft software), try using some control! Use your control key to help perform routine tasks quickly and easily.  

Here are the basic control key functions from A to Z:  

Control Key

The Control Key is Found on the Bottom Left of your Key Board


Control + A = Select All
Control + B = Bold
Control + C = Copy
Control + D = Font Dialog Box
Control + E = Center Align
Control + F = Find
Control + G = Go To
Control + H = Replace
Control + I = Italicize
Control + J = Justify Align
Control + K = Insert Hyperlink
Control + L = Left Align
Control + M = Increase Indent
Control + N = New
Control + O = Open
Control + P = Print
Control + Q = Remove Paragraph Formatting
Control + R = Right Align
Control + S = Save
Control + T = Hanging Indent
Control + U = Underline
Control + V = Paste
Control + W = Close
Control + X = Cut
Control + Y = Redo
Control + Z = Undo  

Stay tuned for additional and more advanced functions in later posts.  


iPhone: 4 Apps, 7 Features, 3 Wishes


I’ve owned my iPhone 3GS since August, and have yet to share my favorite applications (apps) or my review of the phone overall.

In a nutshell, I LOVE IT!

My favorite  apps;

  1. TweetDeck – Twitter (social media) platform that allows me to manage multiple accounts at once, post Tweets, attach pictures, etc…
  2. Word Press – allows me to manage multiple blogs at once, update posts, attach pictures, read comments, etc…
  3. Facebook – (social media) keeps me informed of new messages and information as needed, allows me to update, add friends, etc…
  4. Conquest – a mobile version of Risk that allows me to spend my down time conquering the world.

My favorite features;

  1. Access to the Internet virtually anywhere! – even without an app, I can access e-mail and websites any where that I can get a cell phone signal, priceless especially for a virtual assistant!
  2. Calendar – I live by a schedule and having an easy-to use calendar at my finger tips is essential!
  3. Maps – this is almost as good as my GPS and it’s free.
  4. Cut, Copy, Paste – this is such a time saver. I can copy a name or an address and then paste it to a contact or calendar item
  5. Screenshots – by pushing the ‘home’ and ‘power’ button at the same time, you can take a picture of your screen, very helpful.
  6. World clock – with friends and family all over the world, I can now know exactly what time it is and avoid call them at 3am.
  7. Being able to look up a business on the Internet and then just touch their phone number to call them.

My wish list;

  1. Spell check – while there is a sort of predictive text feature, I am a terrible speller, and a built in spell check would be amazing.
  2. Record phone calls – there is a record feature and many downloadable apps, but none of them seem to work while you are on a call. I would find this useful during a business call, because I wouldn’t have to take as many notes.
  3. Camera flash – while this is trivial and not standard on most phones, there have been occasions of dim lighting that were photo worthy.

Overall, this is an amazing piece of technology and I continue to find more ways to utilize it. And as a virtual assistant it has been invaluable as a business tool, saving me time and making me money.

If you have thoughts on the iPhone or additional features to add, I would love to hear them!

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