iOS 6

iOS 6If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’ve probably have heard that an Operating System update is available, known as iOS 6. What does this mean? It means that apple has developed some improvements to the technology that runs your devices. All you have to do is download this update to get the new features.

What are some of the biggest changes?

  1. Sharing OptionsFacebook Integrations – Facebook is now a lot more connected to your device, and not just through the app. Events and birthdays are now added to your calendar, you can share pictures right from your camera roll, post websites directly from Safari, and contact information will include Facebook data as well.
  2. Panoramic Photos – you can now take panoramic pictures, using the camera and selecting Panoramic under options.
  3. New Maps – the maps have changed, there’s now a 3D view and the content is supposed to be improved  However, this change may still have a way to go.
  4. PassbookPassbook Introduced – Apple has introduced a digital way to keep tack of boarding passes, movie tickets, store loyalty cards, and coupons. This is a brilliant idea, although it may take a while for merchants to get up to speed. For now, PassSource is a site where you can create digital versions of cards in your wallet.
  5. Better FaceTime – FaceTime now works over a cellular connection as well as a wifi connection.

Some other less glamorous updates include; a new display for the app store and during app updates, new sharing options for images, the loss of YouTube (don’t worry you can get it back by downloading the app), the ability to do more than just answer or ignore an incoming call, and a VIP mail box. Plus everything syncs over iCloud for a rather seamless experience from one device to another.

For more details on all the updates that you get with the new iOS 6, check out with Apple has to say.


App of the Month – Drop Box

Our Application of the Month is Drop Box.Drop Box

Drop Box – The Drop Box application allows you to easily and efficiently share files on multiple computers, mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets), and via a web-based system. When files are added to Drop Box, they become instantly available in all locations where the app has been downloaded, and via the Drop Box website. Files can also be shared with others, even if they do not have a Drop Box account. This is a great tool for efficiency, collaboration, and productivity! Perfect for virtual professionals!

Cost: Free

For more information on Drop Box, feel free to contact Office Solutions ME!

App of Month – TweetDeck

Our Smart Phone Application review for the Month of July:TweetDeck iPhone App

TweetDeck – TweetDeck is a social media application for Twitter

Why we like TweetDeck ?

  1. It allows the user to update and manage multiple social media sites and profiles simultaneously.
  2. It allows the user to arrange information from different profiles, topics, and sources into easily viewed columns.
  3. It makes it easy to add pictures and videos to your social media sites.
  4. It makes it easy to ReTweet or Reply in Twitter, follow, and also monitor what’s said about or to you or your business.
  5. It notifies us of how many new messages we have in column.

What’s it missing?

  1. The ability to delay posts.
  2. The ability to view (retweet, reply, etc…) to posts that are not in a column (i.e. when viewing someones profile)

Cost: Free

Need help learning how to use TweetDeck or any other Smart Phone Applications? Please Contact Office Solutions ME .

iPhone: 4 Apps, 7 Features, 3 Wishes


I’ve owned my iPhone 3GS since August, and have yet to share my favorite applications (apps) or my review of the phone overall.

In a nutshell, I LOVE IT!

My favorite  apps;

  1. TweetDeck – Twitter (social media) platform that allows me to manage multiple accounts at once, post Tweets, attach pictures, etc…
  2. Word Press – allows me to manage multiple blogs at once, update posts, attach pictures, read comments, etc…
  3. Facebook – (social media) keeps me informed of new messages and information as needed, allows me to update, add friends, etc…
  4. Conquest – a mobile version of Risk that allows me to spend my down time conquering the world.

My favorite features;

  1. Access to the Internet virtually anywhere! – even without an app, I can access e-mail and websites any where that I can get a cell phone signal, priceless especially for a virtual assistant!
  2. Calendar – I live by a schedule and having an easy-to use calendar at my finger tips is essential!
  3. Maps – this is almost as good as my GPS and it’s free.
  4. Cut, Copy, Paste – this is such a time saver. I can copy a name or an address and then paste it to a contact or calendar item
  5. Screenshots – by pushing the ‘home’ and ‘power’ button at the same time, you can take a picture of your screen, very helpful.
  6. World clock – with friends and family all over the world, I can now know exactly what time it is and avoid call them at 3am.
  7. Being able to look up a business on the Internet and then just touch their phone number to call them.

My wish list;

  1. Spell check – while there is a sort of predictive text feature, I am a terrible speller, and a built in spell check would be amazing.
  2. Record phone calls – there is a record feature and many downloadable apps, but none of them seem to work while you are on a call. I would find this useful during a business call, because I wouldn’t have to take as many notes.
  3. Camera flash – while this is trivial and not standard on most phones, there have been occasions of dim lighting that were photo worthy.

Overall, this is an amazing piece of technology and I continue to find more ways to utilize it. And as a virtual assistant it has been invaluable as a business tool, saving me time and making me money.

If you have thoughts on the iPhone or additional features to add, I would love to hear them!

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