Accounting Options

Accounting software helps business owners easily navigate all aspects of accounts payable and receivable, from payments and invoicing to tax data and quarterly statements. Downloadable programs are still available, but now online options – which store your data on the internet rather than your computer – allow you to access your business accounting from anywhere in the world, at very reasonable prices.

Easier than tracking paper ledgers, printing and mailing invoices, staff can email invoices directly from the programs themselves. You can produce myriad reports from these programs, providing an overview of your business at your fingertips. Accounting software can save time and money, paying for itself within just a few weeks. Best of all, if you use an online tool, there is no concern about equipment failure and loss of data.

Some Accounting Software options are:

Quickbooks Online

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App of Month – WordPress

Here is our Smart Phone Application of Month for August:

WordPress iPhone ApplicationWordPress – The WordPress application allows you to manage multiple blogs from your smart phone! This application let’s your write, edit, add pictures, view comments, publish, and more from virtually anywhere. Plus, any changes made via the application are also saved on the traditional site.

Cost: Free

5 Cool Tools for Business

Every business (and business owner) needs tools to get the job done. Small businesses need especially versatile tools, that they can easily master and that offer the necessary value.

Office Solutions ME provides Virtual Administrative Support, so many of the tools that we use are software based or allow us to access the software that we use.

Here are 4 of the tools that we use most often, and really couldn’t operate without;

  1. Smart Phone – Not just a phone, but a miniature computer! We use the iPhone. It allows us to access the Internet, e-mail, social media sites, and so much more from almost anywhere! We can download applications that allow us to view and alter Microsoft Office documents, make calls via VOIP, scan QR Codes, and an endless number of other geeky yet useful things.
  2. Laptop – A notebook computer is really essential for any company, but completely unavoidable for a virtual assistant! To be able to complete client work virtually, you have to be accessible and able to respond efficiently. A laptop ensures that it is possible to meet your client’s demands from (almost) anywhere. This was our most recent purchase, as we upgraded from a 6-year-old Averatec to a Sony Vaio.
  3. Scanner – Green is gold! Being able to scan and e-mail documents, instead of faxing or snail mailing is another necessity. This improves productivity and creates less waste. Plus you can then store your documents electronically and save valuable office space. We choose the Canon MX860.
  4. External Drive – Back-up is King! With all of our electronic documents and important e-mails, we need to make sure we are protecting our assets appropriately. With an external hard drive, we can create protected and encrypted back-up files quickly and easily. We chose the Western Digital My Passport Elite.
  5. Blue Tooth Headset – Multi-tasking is easier when your hands are free, so our 5th and final cool tool for this post is the hands-free blue tooth headset. There are many versions, at various prices, but they are an essential for note taking, typing, driving, and other tasks without missing a call. We have a very basic Jabra that does the trick.

Please feel free to share if you have any other business tools that you can’t live without, or if you have questions about any that we have listed.

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Control Keys Continued

As a follow-up to my earlier post ‘ABCs of Control Keys’, here are some additional commands that can be performed quickly and easily using the control key in Microsoft Word. 

Control Key

The Control Key is Found on the Bottom Left of your Key Board


Control + ] = Larger Text
Control + [ = Smaller Text
Control + = = Subscript
Control + * = Hidden Characters
Control + Enter = Page Break
Control + 0 = Add 12pt before a Paragraph
Control + 1 = Single Spacing
Control + 2 = Double Spacing
Control + 5 = 1.5 Spacing
Control + Delete = Delete Entire Word
Control + Home = Navigate to the top of a Document
Control + End = Navigate to the end of a Document 

Need more tips & tricks? Please contact us for a personalized tutorial! 


Time Management Tips & Software

Pocket WatchTime is money, time is of the essence, time is a valuable commodity! We never have enough Time, yet we take it for granted.

So, how do we make the most of the time we have? When it comes to business, there are many tools that we can utilize to make the most of our time and maximize our efficiency!

It’s all about organization and scheduling, then sticking with that schedule and using the tools that we have available!

  1. Set Priorities – Tasks will be different for everyone and may even change depending on the week or month. They can include any of the tasks you complete on a daily weekly or monthly basis; Client Relations, Blogging, Filing, Invoicing, Prospecting, Updating Social Media Sites, Newsletters, Mailings, Reading E-mail, Updating Websites, Working on Client Projects, Staff Meetings etc…
  2. Arrange Availability – Coordinate the activities that require others’ participation. Check with those that are involved in your tasks and be sure they set aside time for you. There’s no sense in scheduling time to meet with a client if you don’t know when they are available, or setting aside time for a staff meeting when staff will be out in training. Be practical about your time usage in order to get the most out of it.
  3. Create a Schedule– After you’ve determined the most important tasks and the best times to coordinate Wrist Watchwith others; it’s time to set a schedule. Set up task in order of priority and then block off the time during the week or month that works the best for each task. You may find that Tuesday is a good day to block off an hour for website updates, Wednesday or Thursday evenings are dedicated to business networking events, Friday mornings are the best days for staff meetings, Blogging will get done on the 10th and 20th of every month, AP/AR will be best completed on the 14th or 15th of each month, and you will check e-mails at 8am, 10am, 2pm, and 4pm.
  4. Use Tracking Software – Whether this is new to you or not, chances are you will need some sort of tools to assist you. This could be as simple as setting timers or alarms on you cell phone to remind you to check your e-mail or start prepping invoices. This could also be as complex as utilizing time tracking software. There are many versions of time trackers available, some are even free.
  5. Adjust when Needed – If it’s broke, fix it! If your schedule isn’t working, then adjust it! It’s not set in stone, it’s a tool that’s suppose to make you more organized and less stressed, more efficient and more productive. So, make it work for you. And you may find that you can’t do everything… it’s okay to get help!

Here is a list of some time trackers and project managers that I’ve discovered;

Find more time Management tips;

If you have tips or can recommend any time management software, please feel free to comment!


ABCs of Control Keys

If you want to increase your efficiency when using Microsoft Word (or any Microsoft software), try using some control! Use your control key to help perform routine tasks quickly and easily.  

Here are the basic control key functions from A to Z:  

Control Key

The Control Key is Found on the Bottom Left of your Key Board


Control + A = Select All
Control + B = Bold
Control + C = Copy
Control + D = Font Dialog Box
Control + E = Center Align
Control + F = Find
Control + G = Go To
Control + H = Replace
Control + I = Italicize
Control + J = Justify Align
Control + K = Insert Hyperlink
Control + L = Left Align
Control + M = Increase Indent
Control + N = New
Control + O = Open
Control + P = Print
Control + Q = Remove Paragraph Formatting
Control + R = Right Align
Control + S = Save
Control + T = Hanging Indent
Control + U = Underline
Control + V = Paste
Control + W = Close
Control + X = Cut
Control + Y = Redo
Control + Z = Undo  

Stay tuned for additional and more advanced functions in later posts.